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All Hazards Emergency Notification and Advisory Plan

The HPFEB maintains an All Hazards Emergency Notification and Advisory Plan which is updated annually, as well as an emergency notification system for federal employees.

  • Introduction

    The Honolulu-Pacific Federal Executive Board disseminates and updates annually an “All Hazards Emergency Notification and Advisory Plan”.  This plan outlines how Federal Agencies located within the State of Hawaii will be contacted and how the communications and collaborative efforts to build situational awareness amongst federal agency partners. It also provides guidance to help prepare for the dismissal of federal employees in anticipation of or during natural or manmade disasters. In this role, the HPEB will serve primarily to partner with Hawaii federal agencies to disseminate information and build mutual situational awareness on agency decisions and operating status during an emergency event.

    The HPFEB utilizes the everbridge mass notification system, contracted by the Office of Personnel Management, to manage emergency (7X24) notifications in the Hawaii area of responsibility. Features include: a secure database used for emergency purposes only, notifications to multiple communications modes including text/SMS messaging, group and geographical notifications, full mobile capability, polling and conferencing notifications and use of event specific templates.

    FEB members and emergency managers with log-in credentials can use the interactive emergency notification update system on the HPFEB website to update agency status and help build situational awareness across agencies during emergency situations. To obtain log-in credentials, please click here.

  • 2020 HPFEB Notification and Advisory Plan

    The plan is available to all federal agencies and their employees

  • Emergency Notification Contact Form

    To update the emergency contact information for your agency, or your personal contact information, please complete the on-line form on the HPFEB website here:

  • Everbridge Emergency Notification Platform Overview

    The Everbridge Platform is made available by the US Office of Personnel Management, and is used by the HPFEB for emergency notifications