Latest Past Events

0137 – 7 Skills for Leadership in Dynamically Changing Environments


Whether dealing with the unprecedented challenges of today or planning ahead for the "new normal", stay agile and keep your skills sharp no matter what changes your organization, community, and environment face. In this course, organizational and team leaders will learn and then apply 7 key leadership and change management skills for dynamic and digital […]


What’s In Your Retirement Wallet? Tuesday November 30 – Thursday December 02

  This very popular retirement planning training will be conducted soon, via Webex.   Sessions are geared towards federal employees in different career stages, and address both financial planning (TSP, SSA, MEDICARE) and other retirement issues (OPM), as well as post-retirement investing (SEC). This is being held in a partnership with other west coast Federal Executive […]

0073 – Women in Leadership – Own Your Seat!


The number of women in leadership roles is growing in all industries and areas of business. As we seek to decrease the gender divide, skilled women leaders are essential for the success of any organization. Whether you are currently in a leadership position or seen as a leader in your community, learn and practice skills […]