National Preparedness Month

September is National Preparedness Month

  • September is National Preparedness Month

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    With Hurricane Dorian still fresh in our minds, now is a great time to engage your employees, stakeholders, and your social media followers on ways to be weather-ready this fall for a wide array of hazards.

    (1) Fall Safety Campaign:

    and check out the latest infographics, our most popular content that you can share with others.

    (2) September is National Preparedness Month
    NOAA and the National Weather Service are partnering with FEMA and many other organizations to get everyone involved in National Preparedness Month. Learn more about how to be “Prepared, Not Scared.”

    (3) WRN Ambassadors of Excellence Campaign
    Scheduled for September 16-30.
    For the third year, offices across NOAA/National Weather Service will recognize their local “Ambassador of Excellence” to highlight innovative efforts that have made an impact on community resilience.
    Learn more at:

    (4) NWS 150th Anniversary Celebration
    On Feb. 9, 2020, the National Weather Service will celebrate the 150th Anniversary of its founding. With this milestone as the impetus, NWS is developing sustainable ways to collect, catalog, and share the documents, research, and personal stories that comprise our agency’s history. The NWS Heritage Projects will recognize the events, advances in science and technology, and most importantly, the stories of the people that shaped the agency over the last 150 years.

    As part of this effort, the NWS has launched a new NWS Heritage Website, designed to be a public portal to the agency’s rich history. Over time, the NWS will continuously update the site with stories, documents, research and other information with the goal of creating a true “one-stop-shop” for National Weather Service heritage.

    We will also launch later this week a “150 to 150” campaign. Beginning Sept. 12 and for each of the 150 days leading to the 150th Anniversary, the NWS will highlight tidbits of historical information via its social media channels. These items, too, will showcase the science and technology, events, and people that made history, and which formed the 150-year-old foundation on which the NWS of today and tomorrow was built.

    As Weather-Ready Nation Ambassadors, you, too, can contribute to these efforts. We welcome your feedback, insights, documents and other information that will help us tell the stories of our heritage, If you can contribute to this effort in any way, please contact NWS Heritage Projects Lead Greg Romano at (301) 351-1557 or by email at

    Understanding our agency’s history provides the context and inspiration for sustaining the NWS well into the future, and helps define the path forward so that we can continually meet the needs of those we serve. We appreciate your support of these efforts to learn from the agency’s history, now and for future generations, as we continue to build a Weather-Ready Nation.