OPM Publishes 2020 Pay Tables

OPM Publishes 2020 Pay Tables

  • OPM Publishes 2020 Pay Tables

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    On December 27, 2019, OPM issued four memoranda regarding the 2020 pay adjustments.

    For federal employees in Hawaii, Locality Pay is increased from 18.98% to 19.56%, and the general across the board pay increase is 2.6% – the net result is a 3.10% pay raise (prior to applying the non-foreign COLA offset required under the Non-foreign Area Retirement Equity Assurance Act of 2010).

    With the COLA offset required under law applied, the non-foreign COLA amounts are:

    Honolulu County:   10.28%  (reduced from 10.64% in 2019)

    Hawaii County:  4.42% (reduced from 4.76% in 2019)

    Kauai County and Maui County see the same pay as does Honolulu County.

    For Guam/CNMI, locality pay for 2019 is 15.95% (increased from 15.67% in 2019), and COLA is reduced from 12.80% to 12.62% (2020).  Locality pay rates for Guam/CNMI are calculated at the “Rest of U.S.” rate.

    The 2020 federal civilian pay raise represents the largest in a decade.

    You can download the OPM memos regarding compensation for 2020 here:

    January 2020 Pay Adjustments

    Fiscal Year 2020 Prevailing Rate Pay Adjustments

    2019 Annual Review of Special Rates (Results)

    Continued Pay Freeze for Certain Senior Political Officials

    Download the HPFEB 2020 COLA/Locality Pay Fact Sheet:  HPFEB 2020 COLA/LP Fact Sheet