President Releases Management Agenda

President's Management Agenda - 2018

  • President's Management Agenda - 2018


    The Office of Management and Budget released the President’s Management Agenda on March 20th, 2018.

    The agenda includes 14 areas of program emphasis/priority goals.  The agenda describes three broad “drivers of transformation,” which are, on their own, cross agency priority goals:

    • Data, accountability and transparency.
    • Workforce for the 21st century.
    • IT modernization.

    Beyond the three main priority goals, the administration named 11 others for a total of 14:

    • Improving customer experience with federal services;
    • Sharing quality services;
    • Shifting from low-value to high-value work;
    • Category management: leveraging common contracts and best practices to drive savings and efficiencies;
    • Results-oriented accountability for grants;
    • Getting payments right;
    • Improving outcomes through federal IT spending transparency;
    • Improving management of major acquisitions;
    • Modernize infrastructure permitting;
    • Security clearance, suitability and credentialing reform; and
    • Improving transfer of federally-funded technologies from lab to market

    You can visit the White House website, and download a .pdf copy of the agenda here: