Operation Warfighter

OWF enables Federal employers to better familiarize themselves with the skill sets and challenges of wounded, ill and injured Service members as well as benefit from the considerable talent and dedication of these individuals.


Operation Warfighter:  A Department of Defense internship program that provides opportunities for wounded, ill, and injured Service members to participate in internships with Federal agencies during their rehabilitation process. 

Positively impacts recovery through supportive work settings.

Allows Service members to develop and practice newly assessed and identified work skills in a non-military work environment.

Augments employment readiness of participants as they separate from the military.

Enables Service members to maintain active skill sets and provides the opportunity for additional training and experience

Enables Federal government agencies to better familiarize themselves with the skill sets and challenges of transitioning wounded, ill, and injured Service members.

Go to the Website:  https://warriorcare.dodlive.mil/Care-Coordination/operation-warfighter/

You can download the Operation Warfighter:

Intern Request Form For Agencies


Fact Sheet


Operation Warfighter Intern Request Form Operation Warfighter Application Operation Warfighter Fact Sheet