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Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is charged with the formulation and guidance of HPFEB programs and services.

  • Rules of the Executive Committee

    The Hawaii Air National Guard provided a static Display of an F-22 Raptor for the Executive Committee at our FY2020 Q1 Meeting.
    The HPFEB shall have up to seventeen (17) members on its Executive Committee, consisting of five (5) Standing (non-elected) members and not less than seven (7) or more than twelve (12) At-Large (elected) members.

    Executive Committee Members serve a minimum of two years, and nominations are confirmed by annual vote of the full FEB membership.

    The two elected Executive Committee Officers, Chair and Vice-Chair are also elected annually and serve a one year term. As a general rule, the Chair is succeeded by the Vice-Chair. The Chair acts as the senior spokesman for the FEB and supervises the activities of the Executive Committee. Generally, the Executive Committee meets on a quarterly basis, and once meeting minutes are approved by the Chair, they are distributed to the full FEB membership.  Download latest meeting minutes here:

    05 DEC 2019 EC Meeting Minutes FINAL

    05 March 2020 Executive Committee Meeting Minutes

Standing Executive Committee members shall be the:
  • Immediate past Chair of the Executive Committee
  • Head of the HPFEB Host Agency
  • The Principle Officer within Hawaii of the General Services Administration
  • The Principal Officer within Hawaii of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
  • The Principal Officer within Hawaii of the Fourteenth Coast Guard District

The FY-2022 Honolulu-Pacific Federal Executive Board Executive Committee





Howard Vickers

Chief, Human Resources, Army Installation Management Command, Pacific

Mr. Howard Vickers assumed the position of Chief of Human Resources, Installation Management Command-Pacific (IMCOM-Pacific), on 1 September, 2019. As the G1 of IMCOM-Pacific, he provides policy, guidance, assistance, and oversight of the Human Resource Program and Postal operations in support of twelve garrisons in Hawaii, Alaska, Korea, Japan, and the Republic of the Marshall Islands Kwajalein Atoll, and ensures IMCOM support to mission commands throughout the Pacific theater. IMCOM-Pacific has a region staff of approximately...


IMCOM-Pacific has a region staff of approximately 100 military and civilian personnel who provide oversight of a myriad of over a billion dollars in base operations and facility support. IMCOM-Pacific operations include management of active and reserve component installations providing support for approximately 180,000 Soldiers, family members, retirees, and civilians.

Prior to this assignment, Mr. Vickers was the Chief of Civilian Personnel at IMCOM-Pacific.
After serving in the Army, Mr. Vickers began his civilian professional career as a Department of the Army Civilian at Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Washington, DC. He has served in numerous positions in the Human Resource field to include Staffing, Classification, Management-Employee Relations, and Labor Relations.

Mr. Vickers specializes in Foreign Labor negotiations with emphasis in the Asia/Pacific Region. Mr. Vickers has negotiated conditions of employment and helped resolve concerns in Korea, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong, India, Diego Garcia (British Indian Ocean Territory), Philippines, Thailand and the United States. Mr. Vickers began his Labor Relations background at Walt Disney World, where he negotiated and resolved issues with The American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO), including the Screen Actors Guild and the International Brotherhood of Teamsters (IBT).

Throughout his 34-plus years of employment with the U.S. Army, he has attended many Army schools and has several Army awards. Those awards include the Commander’s Awards for Civilian Service and Superior Civilian Service Awards.


Past HPEB Chairs

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