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The Mission of the Honolulu-Pacific Federal Executive Board

The HPFEB works through collaborative processes to help ensure an effective and efficient government, serving the citizens of the Hawaii-Pacific Area.

The Honolulu-Pacific Federal Executive Board’s FY2023 Operating Plan provides more detail on the HPFEB’s activities. FY23 Operations Plan 508 If you are a federal employee and would like to help, please email colby.e.stanton.civ@us.navy.mil for more information.

Mission, Values & Goals

The Honolulu-Pacific Federal Executive Board is the hub of the federal agencies in Hawaii, connecting through communication, coordination and collaboration.

The HPFEB focuses on three areas of federal management, emergency preparedness, workforce development and strategic partnerships. The HPFEB is a leader in cross agency communication, implementing national initiatives, helping address agency gaps in a collaborative manner, and creating leadership development and training opportunities.

Values: Public Service, Integrity, Diversity, Stewardship, Community, Collaboration.

Strategic Goals The HPFEB will provide services and support under three individual Lines of Business:


  • Maintain and expand HPFEB participation in cross sector emergency preparedness networks, including the Hawaii Emergency Preparedness Consortium (HEPEC), Region IX RISC, etc.
  • Sponsor and support an Emergency Preparedness Working Group (EPWG) which will foster collaboration with agency leaders and emergency managers on emergency preparedness, COOP planning, emergency notification and accountability, employee resiliency and similar matters. Promulgate an All Hazards Emergency Notification and Advisory Plan, and update it annually.
  • Maintain a 7X24 hour emergency notification plan for federal agencies and employees.
  • Maintain a local HPFEB continuity of operations and plan per the guidance in current Federal Continuity Documents.
  • Supervise, through the emergency preparedness working group, at least two cross agency events (training or exercises) focused on COOP/Emergency Preparedness annually.


  • Identify and offer relevant, cost effective trainings, development programs and forums.
  • Provide direction and oversight of the Pacific Leadership Academy (PLA) for Senior and Emerging Leaders, in partnership with OPM – Western Regional Management Development Center.
  • Offer no cost and paid vendor retirement planning training to federal employees, including for CSRS and FERS covered employees.
  • Evaluate and support the ADR/Shared Neutrals program, including partnering to provide mediation training.
  • Support continued expansion of Health and Wellness programs.
  • Support OPM and White House Initiatives with local support, trainings, meetings and other activities.
  • Sponsor the annual “Excellence in Federal Government” federal employee awards program.


  • Support the Hawaii-Pacific Area Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), including providing staff support to the Local Campaign Federal Coordinating Committee (LFCC).
  • Identify collaborative opportunities with the Federal Regional Council (FRC) and other interagency forums dealing with issues that cross department/agency boundaries.
  • Collaborate with federal, state and local agencies on issues of common interest.
  • Support community initiatives such as “Feds Feed Families”, state and local federal initiatives and task forces.
  • Outreach with local congressional principals and staff regarding issues of general interest to Hawaii-Pacific federal agencies and staff.
  • Disseminate information to the various Federal Executive Associations in Alaska and Guam where there is no Federal Executive Board presence.