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Alternative Dispute Resolution Working Group

The Honolulu Pacific Federal Executive Board maintains a network of shared neutrals who may be available to provide alternative dispute resolution mediation at the request of federal agencies.

Who Can Use FEB FREE Mediation Services? Mediation services are available to all member organizations of the Honolulu-Pacific Federal Executive Board and its Federal Executive Association partners. Mediators may mediate anywhere participating agencies are located. These services are FREE; however, the requesting agency is responsible for any travel costs ($50 or less), and any logistical support associated with a requested mediation.

Who are the Mediators? Mediators are federal employees of agencies that par-ticipate in the Shared Neutrals ADR Working Group program. They come from all types of federal agencies and levels of jobs. When mediating, these employees serve agencies other than their own. This ensures that they are truly neutral. The mediators have completed at least 32 hours of formal mediation training.

For more details, and to request ADR services, please contact the Honolulu-Pacific Federal Executive Board here:

Request ADR Mediation Services