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HPFEB Diversity Working Group

The HPFEB sponsors a Diversity Working Group. The Working Group is comprised of volunteers from a variety of agencies who are committed to helping agencies value the contributions of their diverse employees.

HPFEB Diversity Working Group


The Honolulu-Pacific Federal Execute Board sponsors a Diversity Working Group, a group of federal employees from multiple federal agencies committed to helping agencies build and nurture a diverse, coherent and motivated workforce (note this organization was originally established as a council, but after Executive Committee approval was obtained was transitioned to a working group in early 2016).
The Pacific Region Diversity Working Group coordinates programs and activities that promote a diverse workforce within the federal government. In addition, the Working Group will serve as a role model and liaison between the Federal and State communities of the Pacific Region.
Objectives include:
A. Sponsor and support programs and activities pertaining to employment, education, advancement and retention.
B. Enhance workforce productivity.
C. Serve as a networking resource to communicate and exchange information about programs and activities.
D. Provide resources, training, and mentoring opportunities that will allow for personal and professional growth of Working Group members.

Besides interaction, collaboration and strengthening networks, the working group has a goal, under the HPFEB Workforce Development and Support Line of Business, of sponsoring at least two diversity outreach or educational/training forums each year, one of which is a LEAD (Leading with Excellence, Alignment and Diversity) Conference. The Working Group has a strong track record of sponsoring very high quality and well attended conferences, including sessions on women leaders in the workforce, transgender policy in the DoD, supporting workers with disabilities, and other topics of vital interest in our modern federal workforce. The group also collaborates to sponsor and support training.

The Diversity Working Group is chaired by: Ms. Kay Wakabayashi, Director EEO U.S. Pacific Fleet: 808-474-7556

Vice Chair is currently vacant

Volunteers are welcome! Please contact the Chair or Vice Chair.

HPFEB Diversity Working Group Approved By Laws

The Working Group held a LEAD seminar on January 30th, 2018; “Executive Women in Motion”, featuring a panel discussion from prestigious leading women in Hawaii. You can download the program here.

LEAD 2018 "Executive Women in Motion" - Program