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Annual Excellence in Government Awards Program

The Annual "Excellence in Government Awards Program" sponsored by the HPFEB in coordination with Public Employee Service Recognition Week in May.

  • Introduction

    For over 60 years, outstanding federal employees working in Honolulu – Pacific Federal Executive Board (HPFEB) agencies have been recognized at an annual awards ceremony. The awards ceremony is held generally at a government/military facility, at no cost to federal employees or agencies. The ceremony is typically held on the Friday of the first full week in May, corresponding to National Public Service Employee Recognition Week.

    67th Annual Excellence in Federal Government Awards Program – 2023

    Ceremony information:
    May 5, 2023
    1-3 Awards ceremony
    3-5 Reception with pupus.

    Location: Tradewinds, 150 McClelland St, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, HI 96853

    Photographs from the 2023 ceremony may be downloaded with a free Snapchat account at Photos.

    Each awardee was recognized with a certificate by a local military or government leader. Each FEB agency may nominate one candidate for each of the seven award categories (the Team Excellence Category typically includes multiple awardees). The HPFEB sees this as an opportunity to honor the broad spectrum of excellent work across all agencies and all agency nominees that meet the category criteria will be recognized.


    A digital program containing information on all our winners was emailed to all agency award coordinators. Anyone who is interested in a copy may also email the Honolulu-Pacific Federal Executive Board at

    HPFEB Member Nominations were due: March 31, 2023

    The Excellence in Federal Government Awards Program is your opportunity to recognize high-level contributors and the best in public service. Our goal is to celebrate excellence in federal employees across the spectrum and each nomination that meets the criteria below will be honored. Please review the guidelines below and help facilitate this opportunity to spotlight the most deserving award recipients.

    The HPFEB Excellence in Government awards allows HPFEB Member Agencies to:

    >>> Celebrate the innovation & quality of work performed by federal agencies and employees.

    >>>  Learn about the incredible work of our colleagues and best practices from partner agencies.

    >>>  Promote the excellent work of federal agencies and their top performers.

    The award categories are linked to the President’s Management Agenda strategy for improving:

    ** Strengthening and empowering the Federal workforce

    ** Delivering excellent, equitable, and secure Federal services and customer experience

    ** Managing the business of Government

    By March 31, 2023:

    First, each HPFEB member  agency  should designate an Agency Coordinator.  This  information  entered on this initial form will carry-over and be included on future nomination documents: HPFEB Awards Program Agency Coordinators

    Agency representatives MUST use HPFEB’s simple Awards Nomination Cover Sheet web page to create nomination forms found here: HPFEB 2023 Awards Nomination Cover Sheets

    The webform is user- friendly and generates a completed PDF for download and digital signature. Please contact us if you have any trouble accessing the site or utilizing these steps in your internal nomination process. The nominee’s narrative portion is included at this stage of the nomination process.

    Narrative must not exceed 1000 characters (see sample page 15 of guidelines). This full narrative will be included for qualification and in the official awards program. Please avoid using bullet points, excessive acronyms or agency jargon. These narratives are used publicly in the awards program and should be digestible by a broad audience.

    The nomination form also requires an executive summary (max 300 characters) of accomplishments that will be used during the ceremony. Please be descriptive but avoid using acronyms and/or agency specific jargon unrecognizable to a ceremony EmCee. Not following these guidelines (i.e. copying bullet points from a performance appraisal) will likely be sent back to the agency Coordinator to edit and resubmit. Create cover sheet here: HPFEB 2023 Awards Nomination Cover Sheets

    Once the cover sheet is completed, please sign the document, digitally (preferred), and submit the final application along with a photo (.jpg/.jpeg) at this link. Full url here: 




    66th Annual Excellence in Federal Government Awards Program and EXPO – 2022 and Prior Years

    See full 2022 awards guidelines here: 2022 HPFEB Awards Guidelines FINAL

    The Digital program can be found and downloaded here: 2022 HPFEB EIG Awards Program FINAL

    See official digital program. Pictures from the event and the video recording at the website below:
    66th Annual Excellence in Government Awards Program – 2022 Awards Event


    Date: May 6, 2022

    Time: EXPO and Welcome: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

    Award Ceremony: 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm

    Awards Ceremony was held in-person program at JBPHH Officer’s Club Lanai


    2021 Awards Program information below:


    Watch the Recording of the ceremony using the following link:


    A downloadable (.pdf) version of the 2021 official awards program:

    HPFEB 2021 Annual Awards Program – Printable Booklet

    The program is designed in booklet format, to be printed double sided and folded.

    Go to the Awardee Gallery Page for an interactive photo collage of our 2021 awards winners:

    HPFEB 2021 Excellence in Federal Government Awards Program Gallery

    The HPFEB is still coordinating the delivery of the framed awardee certificates to agency coordinators.  For any questions about the ceremony can contact Brian Mikel at: 

    Links to National PSRW sites:

    Federal Executive Boards

    Public Service Recognition Week

    Watch the President’s PSRW Proclamation Video:

    Please contact Brian Mikel at if you have any questions.

    The HPFEB uses this event to:

    • Celebrate the innovation and quality of work performed by employees by honoring and presenting awards in seven categories.
    • Learn about other agencies’ best practices.
    • Promote the excellent work of federal agencies.
    • Employees are recognized in 7 individual categories:
      (1) Leader, Supervisor, Manager
      (2) Professional, Administrative, Technical
      (3) Clerical, Administrative
      (4) Trades and Crafts
      (5) Exceptional Community Service
      (6) Mentor
      (7) Team
Representatives of the Team Excellence award winners seated and standing together Representatives of each Team Excellence award-winning team

HPFEB Annual Awards Program

The 2022 Annual Excellence in Federal Government Awards Program