FY 17 PLA Orientation

Pacific Leadership Academy

The Pacific Leadership Academy for Emerging and Senior Leaders is offered annually in Honolulu, by a longstanding partnership between the Honolulu-Pacific Federal Executive Board and the Office of Personnel Management, Western Regional Management Development Center. The HPFEB is currently soliciting agencies for their FY-19 PLA quota requests.

  • Introduction

    The U.S. Office of Personnel Management’s Center for Leadership Development in partnership with the Honolulu-Pacific Federal Executive Board is proud to offer its annual Pacific Leadership Academy (PLA) Program in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Pacific Leadership Program began in 2003 and has graduated more than 800 mid-to-senior level Fellows. This program is designed to meet the leadership development needs of selected federal professionals at the GS-13-15 and military equivalent levels (Senior Leader) and GS-09-12 and military equivalent levels (Emerging Leader) who work in federal government organizations in the Pacific Rim.

    The foundation for the Academy’s leadership program is a series of managerial/leadership competencies, knowledge, skills and behavior that are critical for success. These competencies are based on research done by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management with modifications to fit the needs of federal agencies in the Pacific region.

    Quotas to attend the Pacific Leadership are issued annually to interested federal agencies, which choose their candidates through a local competitive process. After quotas are assigned to agencies, and candidates are selected, the candidates then complete an application via their agency, register, and then their agency provides tuition payment directly to OPM. Each Fellow must make the significant time and work commitment to attend all of the course sessions and to complete the required assessments, papers and projects.

    Each year, the HPFEB allocates approximately 40 quotas to federal agencies for both the Emerging and Senior Leaders courses.  Agencies are required to rigorously screen candidates to help ensure they will complete the demanding class and course work.

    The guidelines and application process for the FY-2019 Pacific Leadership Academy can be downloaded here. Please note that the dates for the 3rd sessions in July 2019 have changed. Agencies were requested to submit quota requests by 12 July 2018.  Agencies with approved quotas should have selectees complete the application (download the pdf here) and submit with required signatures to: christopher.conklin2@navy.mil by August 4, 2018.

    As of August 30, 2018, all Emerging and Senior Leaders quotas for the FY-2019 Pacific Leadership Academy have been distributed to agencies, and all candidates have been selected.  Current registration and payment instructions can be found here:

    Senior Leaders:  PLA SL 2019 Registration and Payment

    Emerging Leaders:  PLA EL 2019 Registration and Payment

    Registration and payment information has been provided to selectees/agency coordinators.  Access credentials to the PLA portal will be provided to selectees at that time. 

The leadership program incorporates three major phases:
  • Learning the leadership competencies
  • Applying the competencies on the job
  • Evaluating the application of the competencies

Fellows represent an expansive cross-section of civilian and military agencies and organizations throughout the Pacific Rim. This inter-agency perspective provides the Fellows an opportunity to network with and gain peer support from professionals of other agencies to enhance the learning process and the value of the PLA experience.